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Office Space
The Reception Desk
Inspired by Themis' Scales of Justice,
the design of the reception desk
through its subtle use on gravity, explicitly expresses the philosophy of balance and order

like hanging by a thread, the force must be firm and decisive

The mirror surface reflects the rigour and professionalism that can stand the scrutiny of time
impartiality, openness,
sensibility and functionality
Walkways separate the lounge and conference area in the exterior from the inner quiet working space
stepping out of the elevator, one is greeted by the reception whose doorway on the left leads to
the lounge area and the workspace to the right.
Private offices and open work spaces
Private offices for partners are placed in the inmost area whereas the open work space lay in the outer area immediately behind the façade. Contrary to the traditional practice where executives take the advantage of an expansive view through floor-to-ceiling windows, we saved it for the employees.
Airflow is key in offering spatial comfort
Supply diffusers of the air conditioning system are set close to the glass façade, forming an air curtain.

Return diffusers are mounted in the centre of the celling, and the bookshelf separates the air outlet from the office space. Such arrangement ensures people under the grills enjoy a gentle breeze and undetectable air circulation.

The process of rapid air exchange through the air conditioning system minimises the influence of outdoor temperatures.
Multifunctional landscape bookshelf
for daylight, airflow, and storage

It screens excessive daylight and blocks blows from diffusers
Ambient lighting from the reflection of illumination
Dimming the reflection of illumination to 300lux improves the sense of coziness and avoids light pollution caused by over illumination

Glare-free task lighting directly disperses over the working spots and are elevated to 500lux to meet standards and boost performance

Zoned lighting control suites the diversity of office conditions